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When considering buying a property find out what fits your requirements and lifestyle best.

House vs Condo

A house can offer a lot of space for a reasonable budget. However, you will be living then more out of town and need transportation. And, you will have regular maintenance work on a house – as the old saying goes – with a house you are never finished. In terms of legality as a foreigner you cannot own land. – A condo however, offers you full foreign ownership in your name under the foreign quota. Condos are available mainly in town and along the nice beaches. When you are not always residing in Thailand then a condo is also quite convenient as you can just lock your condo and go. The condo management and engineering team is on standby and will look after your property.

Discounted Properties

1153 m²

The Palm Condominium

Sale 8,500,000 ฿

Sale 7,790,000 ฿

1143 m²

Wongamat Tower

Sale 4,175,000 ฿

Sale 3,465,000 ฿

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